Sammir A: My Second Show!!

Last day in my First show It was nice for the beginning, But I need pleasure to all my customers but I need you petition over the table, You can feel free in Ask me through the email- adress, the most important is this web are the customersAny time and Best Rewards… Visit Sammir A’s […]

Spike Wilson: 02.02.2017 Important Thing I Have Understood.

I just want to tell U one thing, which have change my mind on Members. Before that day I thought that all of them needs only one thing, and thats too easy to explain by their acts – they always write to models something like "Oh faster get naked", "show ur cock and ass" etc., […]

Sammir A: Hi Every Body!!! I Am a New and I Would Like Show My Personality

Ladies and gentlemen, I feel like pleasing them, I hope so, I looking for the love of my life, Meet people, could be I like to travel to Germany, London and New Zeland…meet sexy girls, dance, the party….I like be the Master of domination and be the leader of the pack…Punish with my cock and […]

Antonino Dibraco: South Florida

Im going to be hanging out in south florida tomorrow where its warm, the beach is full, and the ocean is clear. If anyone happens to catch me sunbathing at the nude beaches make sure to give me a holler. Don’t be shy, you just might be the one who gets lucky and makes my […]

Bobby Sole: Happy Hippo Day!

Today we celebrate the third largest mammal on Earth. Some of us become like it after the candies of Saint Valentine Some other are still in time to become if you are sweet enough to them! Happy Hippo Day to all! Visit Bobby Sole’s Chat Room

Antonino Dibraco: Happy Valentines Day

Whose gonna be my Valentine? That person needs to make me feel special and wanted, and just maybe ill fall in love with that lucky someone. Love is in the air. I Can feel it and cant wait to spend time with my honey this valentines. Visit Antonino Dibraco’s Chat Room

Steve South: Goals

So, I think I have decided on my strategy for the year of 2017.. I do not want to participate fully in all of the contest. After a decent amount of thought I would truly like to focus on daily wins. The daily contest and spending time with you guys is much more important to […]

Mario V: My First Day at Web

I was working in the kitchen for some time before i knew about webmodeling .I was not realy sure about switching my profession but my exboyfriend was sure that finaly i will be a web model.BTW i am so exited of my first day. Visit Mario V’s Chat Room

Dave Hill: My Personality #1

I am really passionate and exciting man. I have an emotional strength and vulnerability which many find to be highly attractive and uniquely sexy. I am also deeply caring and sympathetic lover and I will do anything for a partner whom I am in love with. Visit Dave Hill’s Chat Room

Ceder Jones: World Travels

So, I guess I’m going to start a blog about this. I have thought about it before and actually started creating a website at one point to document all of my travels but my computer died, so I guess it’s time to start it again on here. I hope you all will enjoy my travels […]